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Essential Kitchen Package

This package is designed for those who have at least a limited working knowledge in the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Those who know what they should be eating, but lack experience or confidence in the kitchen to make it happen. Perhaps meal preparation habits are rooted in unhealthy traditions, requiring an “un-learning” process in order to learn a new skill set.

For those in search of practical, hands-on information to get them started towards independence at meal time, this package is ideal. Your kitchen, your utensils, your ingredients and your family to taste the end result!

*Please note that private cooking sessions will focus on the healthy preparation of the meals, and not on individual health concerns or nutritional recommendations for said concerns. If there is need for counseling, an appointment will be made for a later date at InnerWorks with Jan.

  1. One guided shopping trip at your local health food or grocery store. This is where you will learn the “essentials” to stock up on, how to read labels, and where to find the bargains of nutritious shopping. If you have anxiety about the weekly grocery excursion, you need Jan's help to get control and even learn to enjoy the process. Length: 1 hour session or 2 hour session, as per Jan's recommendation.

  2. Three personal cooking classes at your home given by Jan. You may select specific recipes or ask for suggestions. You supply the ingredients and Jan will give you hands-on training in the preparation of quick, simple and nutritious meals to fit your tastes and needs. This is your opportunity to ask questions as you go. Length: approximately 2 hours per session.

Total value: $420 /$480 (contingent on item #1)

Special Introductory Price: $360/$420

*Package must be completed within 3 months of purchase date.

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