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Holistic Nutrition Package

This package has been designed for those who have dabbled in nutrition, but, for whatever reason, have not made significant changes yet. Maybe you have researched holistic nutrition, good dietary habits and supplementation, but become more confused by the overwhelming amount of conflicting information. Not only will these issues be addressed, but you will have the opportunity to put your new skills into practice immediately.

All 6 items listed would potentially be recommended in a typical consultation. I have compiled them in this order for maximum efficiency, ideal for someone who is just stepping into the world of holistic nutrition, recovering from a health setback or simply needing a strong start to a lifestyle improvement. Services included in this package are:

  1. Initial Nutritional consultation @ OfficeThis – 1 hr.
    (Jan will evaluate current health needs, health history, lifestyle & set goals for improvement.)
  2. 7 – Day Menu Plan w/ recipes (1 wk. turnaround)
    (You will receive suggestions for 3 meals a day, including snacks, tailored to your health needs. Recipes included.)
  3. Guided Shopping Trip to health food store – 1 hr.
    (Demystify health food labeling & learn how to be a smart shopper in your neighborhood health food store.)
  4. 1 Personal Cooking Class given at your home – approx. 1 hr. (some supplies & recipe included)
    (You will get experiential instruction on the preparation of healthy dishes you always wanted to try but were afraid to. Learn how to use alternative ingredients in the familiarity of your own kitchen.)
  5. 2 copies of class handouts or admission to 1 currently running class.
    (Continuing self-education is key to successful healing. Benefit from information previously taught in popular classes, or if a class is currently running, attend & meet people of like mind & spirit.)
  6. Follow up consultation @ OfficeThis – 1 hr.
    (Review your progress with Jan & develop a long-term plan to ensure your journey to vitality will be a safe & successful one.)

Total Value: $260 Special Package Price: $200
*Package must be completed within 6 months of purchase date.

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