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May 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique for Kitchen Anxieties

If youíre willing, Iíd like to ask you to read the following statements to see if they resonate with you. Donít judge your reaction, simply follow it.

Did any of those statements ring true for you? If so, it may be your time to change that pattern or belief into something that serves your highest good. I posed those questions for two reasons: 1. They are commonly held beliefs by many who struggle to cross the threshold of wellness; 2. They can all be addressed by EFT. For a full explanation of the origins and concept behind EFT, go to:

When I first began learning EFT, I realized what a powerful tool it would be for my clients. Incorporating EFT into sessions could be the next level I was looking for in my practice. Iíll give you an example. Letís take the phrase ďI feel anxious and overwhelmed when I go grocery shoppingĒ. Thatís a real problem! Thatís not emotional freedom. Thatís a restriction we can potentially clear or at least lessen the intensity. We might start by tapping on the points on the hand, head, face and torso, repeating the phrase ďEven though I feel anxious and overwhelmed when I grocery shop, I deeply and completely accept myselfĒ. (You could say I love myself, I honor myself, Iím ok with myself if you prefer; the statement must feel right to you.) As we complete a round of tapping on that phrase, another more specific phrase may arise Ė perhaps ďmy partner/children yell at me if I bring something home they dislikeĒ or ďI donít know how to read labels Ė I canít trust what I seeĒ. Tapping through one of those phrases might bring further insight that ďI canít trust what I seeĒ is the core phrase which might have become true out of an earlier traumatic event. That would be the phrase to target, not only for anxiety in grocery stores, but to gain freedom from other associated problems.

EFT is not perfect, nor is it a magic wand (though the process often works like magic). EFT is a tool Ė an exceptional one - that because of Godís fascinating design yields remarkable results. Personally, I believe it can be helpful combined with most other therapies, bringing efficiency and fostering self-honesty. If you have questions or concerns about how EFT works I would be happy to talk with you. Email me: or call (316) 210-4685. Happy Tapping!


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