Holistic Nutritional Counseling is a unique, metaphysical approach to an ordinary activity – eating. My practice focuses on the healing power of food on Mind, Body and Spirit, while recognizing the equally healing potential of finding pleasure at the table. Whether we realize it or not, we all have daily rituals, personal beliefs and cultures attached to our meals. It is in these attachments that we bring either pain and suffering or nurturing and healing to our dining.

By approaching food as a means to experiencing life fully, the potential for transformation is limitless. In the exploration of our attachments, and detachments, to food, we find the opportunity to be wholly present in our lives.

Since 2001, I have been working with individuals wishing to correct health imbalances using nutrition, as well as those interested in prevention. My practice is intuitive, drawing from a variety of healing tools - Western nutrition science, Chinese systems, Ayurvedic and other Eastern principles and therapies, as well as my own experience working with Naturopaths and energy workers. In addition to these foundational pieces, I enjoy exploring the use of music and color therapy for therapeutic as well as diagnostic purposes. I hope to provide a safe space for your voice to be heard and valued. I believe each of our spirits carries priceless information for healing. My goal is to coax that information to the forefront and guide where I can.

Each client receives individualized recommendations and feedback, and will never be put through a generalized program. I do not stock my own nutritional supplements, nor do I represent or recommend any particular brand of supplements, as I believe this creates a conflict of interest. My clients often ask me to work with their current supplement regimen, and in this context I am happy to provide advice. I believe the use of quality nutritional supplements can be of great help for a time in the restoring of balance.

In addition to individual counseling, I frequently speak to support groups, church groups and non-profits to promote the message of wholeness in Mind, Body and Spirit. For almost 2 years, Wichitans had the opportunity to watch my segment on holistic nutrition and lifestyle on KCTU-Channel 5, and those around the world have viewed the show live on the website streaming video. Although I am no longer a regular guest on "Your Hour", I can be seen periodically on the one hour program "River City Forum" on the same station.

A large portion of my mission is to help people see the support and love already around them…starting with their plate. Thich Nhat Hanh says: "In this plate of food, I see the entire universe supporting my existence". When we isolate ourselves from nature, we carry the belief more easily that the "world is out to get us", that we are on our own "against the world". Nature can assist us in reconnecting our spirits with God’s, and in recognizing the tools for living we already possess. I would be honored to partner with you today on your healing journey!

My goal is to help you awaken your spirit through food.

Thank you so much. I have gotten organic veggies and fruit and fresh fish…I cannot tell you how much better I feel!!! My sugars are under better control and this food really does satisfy. I am adjusting my insulin and have come down 15 units per day so far. I don't feel "bloated" in my gut and find my sinuses are clear with the Nettle tea. ... "

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